Buttfinger is an amazing multi-dimensional mental impulse encroaching upon a normal change in our inherited vibration character. With an angry mood, it will shoot up and wham, it will go down the ladder of irrelevant normal behavior of living sound to statically pestering thoughts of disease and localized pain through feelings by scratching the mind towards an optimum release, relief by giving us the touch of physical sound through non physical mind of each one of us as a nucleus around which both negative and positive quality circles break, as in the sub-atomic level the negative and positive qualities, have been observed by the use of a pendulum.

A sound of positive quality will create instantly the negative pole, which by the equal pole repulsion will erase the negativity of the listener and enhance his positive quality opening a way towards health by creating a balance in two energies. This is the main reason as to why an extremely negative person is irritated by listening to buttfinger as it stops us from our further increase towards density of negative energy as we learn a contrast in a single color by increasing its density.

Buttfinger is listening to your own vibrations that are received and emitted by everybody in this world. Sips of soda touch our inner stomach lining and we listen to the divine vibrations and free flow of uncontainable sound of the only miracle maker and magical walking bible as the wings of vibrations.

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side a and b availabe as 2 long files at archive.org
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