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selected live:

2012 aug 24: ghostprint gallery, richmond, va
2009 nov 19: ghostprint gallery, richmond, va
2006 oct 13: 611 florida ave, washington, dc
2006 feb 20: fotòfono, brooklyn, ny
2005 feb 20: the true vine, baltimore, md
2005 feb 19: free103point9, williamsburg, brooklyn
2005 feb 18: good fridays #3 @ the record exchange, philadelphia, pa
2004 dec 5: artworks, richmond, va
2004 oct 3: 804noise fest, artworks, richmond, va
2004 sept 19: w/sc.all, sonic circuits, washington d.c.
2004 aug 19: sensory overload, flashpoint gallery, washington, d.c.
2004 jun 3: artworks, richmond, va
2004 mar 7: artworks, richmond, va
2003 sept 14: 804noise fest, polka dot gallery, richmond, va
2003 aug 2: orange door gallery, richmond, va
2003 jan 9: free103point9, williamsburg, brooklyn
2002 jan 21: hole in the wall, richmond, va
2001 nov 5: hole in the wall, richmond, va
2001 sept 25: hole in the wall, richmond, va
2001 jun 6: hole in the wall, richmond, va


no, ting ting jahe doesn't exist and it doesn't matter. what does matter are the sounds around us at any given time and the wonders those sounds permit. any everyday occurrence and its sounds mixed with all other occurrences and their respective sounds exist in so many different perspectives and realities than any ting ting jahe ever could. with ting ting jahe and its utter non-existence we find a contrary opinion on all of this and more.